First of all, I have to say this to all inexperienced hikers, this film is not a guidebook. It is based on a true story but that doesn't mean that you will survive as well. Always train before a long hike and Know Your Limit. It's a good thing to be determined but you need to know when to stop and have the courage to give up (especially when you're hiking in group, the last thing your friend would want is seeing you dying in front of them trust me).

And don't ever litter.

Ok back to the film. It was a stunning flick. Not just the landscape or Reese Witherspoon, but the emotions flooding through the screen. As a hiker myself (a hiker that's too broke to do as many hikes as they want to), I could relate to the heroine so well. I mean, my mum's still alive, I've never tried heroin and I don't sleep with every guy that offers. But all those things that she felt on the track, I've experienced them many times before as well, and that makes the movie a bit special to me.

Also I appreciate the feminism and subtle anti-hunting message in the film. Portraying a hunter as sexual offender and a fox as intelligent animal. It could be just me looking for excuses to like this film more but that's just my honest thought.

Reese Witherspoon delivered such a transformative performance in this film. Haven't seen Walk The Line yet so to me Witherspoon was still that Legally Blonde girl (and Rachel's sister to a lesser extent), until I saw this film. The rage, loss, confusion and that sorrow. It was so convincing and made it really easy for me to enjoy the story. Deserves ten rounds of applause. I am going to see Still Alice next week so let's see whose performance I like better.

And I was surprised to see Laura Dern (you can tell that I never do much research before a movie), great kind of surprise. I've had a girl-crush on her ever since Jurassic Park and it's great to see her back. Thanks to Witherspoon and Dern the key mother-daughter relationship was so heartfelt and sincere.

Last thing I want to add, I did know the director's the one that did Dallas Buyers Club but I had no idea he also directed C.R.A.Z.Y, which had such an important role in my teen years and I strongly recommend to all of you who don't hate Drama.

8/10, very biased maybe but it's my rating

Wild is coming to Australian cinemas next Thursday 22nd Jan.

I'm adding PCT to my hiking bucket-list now.

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