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New Jacket by Notion 1.3 from Nelly Here

Got my package from Nelly last night with this beautiful jacket in. I own quite a few faux leather jackets but none of them has this asymmetric collar, which I actually really like, so when I saw this one on half price I just couldn't control myself.

The material is quite special, feels to me like a cross between normal leather jacket and a wetsuit, which is quite special and I love the way it looks and feels. The only problem I have with this so far is that it comes quite big for me. I got a size S, which is the smallest one they make and it's still got an oversized look on me, which is not exactly what you'd expect from a biker jacket. Although to be fair I am exceptionally small (170 cm/5 ft 7, standard/slim build) so if you're of average size or bigger there shouldn't be a fitting problem for you. 

As for me I'm actually quite happy to have a slightly oversized leather jacket and it is perfect to rock that over-the-shoulder look. 

It's still on sale at Nelly now if you're interested.

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Shirt + Bomber

What I'm wearing today: Faux leather Bomber: Topman / Shirt: H&M / Shorts: Factorie / Faux leather stud slip-ons: Zara / Necktie: Saxony / Rayban Wayfarer Here

It's been quite chilly recently and it's finally time to put on shirts. Got this white shirt from H&M a couple of years ago and it's worn off quite nicely to an almost vintage feel. A hassle to iron, which, as you can see from the shorts, is not something I enjoy doing, but I like how white shirts give a sleek and kind of grown-up feel to the whole outfit.

Black bomber jacket is just a must have in every wardrobe. This faux leather one from Topman is just a must have. Very good quality and the faux leather looks and feels very real, to the extent that it actually creeps me out. Highly recommend for anyone that's looking for animal-free alternatives to leather, or just generally anybody who's looking for a new staple piece this Autumn.

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1 - 6. Asos Dockland Plimsolls / 7. Zara / 8. H&M / 9. H&M / 10. Nelly 

I've been in love with slip-ons for quite a long time now because they just go with everything from crop jeans to shorts and in Australia you can practically wear them all year round. And as the northern hemisphere is getting closer and closer to its summer many affordable brands join this market with cool designs and even better looking price tags. Above are some of my favourites (that are still available up to this point).

Although I probably should add to that the DOCKLAND line from Asos gave me quite a hard time to break into. In comparison to that their DIALOG ones (Here) are much more gentle on the feet. I also love the ones from but they are always sold out in a second and right now they've only got the leopard print ones left so grab them when you can. 

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taken this February on my way from Te Anau to Milford Sound 

Every day is Earth Day.

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Saw a bloger's post today on his swimming with captive dolphins in some dolphin-themed park and it broke my heart.

Slavery does still exist today but some of us just don't see it. I had the chance to swim with wild dolphins in Kaikoura in New Zealand earilier this year and that experience was just magical. Sure it was cool to be able to get that close to a dolphin but the best part? It was knowing that they were all free and happy and they could swim to wherever they want. When they flipped out of the water and did amazing and hilarious flips, I knew that they weren't doing it so they could get a meal, they were doing it because they wanted to. 'What a bunch of attention whores,' that's what I said to my friends, with literally tears in my eyes.

Please don't support this sickening industry that makes money on the suffering of other lives, not to mention that dophin captivity is also one of the main drivers of the inhumane Taiji dolphin slaughter.

For more info, please visit related animal rights group websites.

What's wrong with swimming with dolphins? | WSPA

Plight of the captive dolphins | WSPA

Delfinarier – en delfins mardröm |WSPA (Swedish)

Releasing Captive Dolphins | Save Japan Dolphins

And please join the fight to end this cruel practice

First by not supporting facilities that keep captive dolphins on display for commercial purposes.

Then you are more than welcome to make your voice heard by signing petitions or contacting your local MPs (Riksdagledamöter om du är svensk) or Senators on this matter.

Captivity is cruel - don't go to a show! | The Petition Site

No More Dolphins Swimming in Las Vegas |

Please call a public referendum regarding the addition of more captive cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium! |

Ask Sea World to release their Orcas and dolphins to ocean sanctuaries | 

Kolmården - sluta hålla delfiner i fångenskap! | Djurens Rätt (Swedish)


and heaps more ...

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Having been working heaps recently on my research project and other uni courses and working music is always an essential for me. Came across this group on Spotify today, a mixture of classical and post-rock

And of course I have to mention Lykke Li's new single and the video. Love it.

melancholy in that brutal coldness of winter, bäst.

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