Acne Pre-Fall 2015

Acne released its pre-fall (or pre-autumn as I like to call it) collection yesterday in Paris and here are five of my faves from the lookbook

It's inspired by the 30s sportswomen, heaps of layering, chunky shoes and boxy cuts. Almost androgynous collection. Director Jonny Johansson said in the press release that he 'wanted to portray an idea of feminism' and the 'independent spirit' of those sportswomen. I'm not sure if androgyny fully equates feminism but I like the sound of it and can surely see the 'independent spirit'.

Concept aside, Acne nailed it again with a quirky collection that is at the same time totally wearable. Would love to see these pieces hitting the streets in some months. Loving the cape in the first picture but chances are it's probably made of wool. Hope I can find some pieces for myself.

Other pics from the lookbook

Let me know which look you like the best and what you think of this collection. 

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2 Responses to Acne Pre-Fall 2015

  1. Hi Keith! Fantastic blog! Can't believe it took me this long to read it. Anyway, the black military coat is my favorite look of the one's listed. The thick fabric and chunky boots are edgy, but the v-opening in the front is a nice nod to the feminine form. And I would totally wear it :)

    1. Thanks heaps Krysta! Can definitely see what you mean with the v-opening =) Can't wait for these to hit the stores soon. xoxo



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