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Wear It Purple Day - It gets better

Today is Wear It Purple day, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Wear It Purple day is basically a day when people wear purple garments to show support to the LGBTQIA young people (and disgust to homophobia) in Australia (or maybe just Sydney? but well of course you can do it wherever you are :) More info here

wore my purple snake print jeans today, yiiips

So gutted I missed the flash mob today. Was planning to join the team but my horrid assignments were due today so I had to say no to fun.

Anyway, if you're dealing with bullying, discrimination etc for being who you are, don't lose hope. I know people keep saying this over and over again but life does get better. It probably won't be as fancy as the reality show celebs' but you'll find more and more things in your life that you can smile to and less and less craps that you have to fight against. xxoo

[Last note, went to UNSW Orchestra's Mid Semester Concert tonight. Quite enjoyed Brahms' Symphony No.1 movement I and IV. Very impressive performance given the fact that most of them are still uni students. Good job boys & girls.]

Have a nice weekend!

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Applause - Lady Gaga

Maybe it's a bit pointless to review this song now that everybody has heard it already, but määh anyway.

I'm not really impressed with the song to be honest. Catchy, yes absolutely so if that's what you want I think you'd like it. But yah I would love to dance to this song in a club but when I have my walkman or Spotify on I'd prefer something not just stays in my mind but something that can dig into it, if that ever makes sense. I do like the lyrics though, I'd believe it's a special track for herself. Personally I find the remixes she put on her vevo channel more intriguing, and interesting.

The video, yeah I like it, but not as much as some of her previous ones. It's not well structured, or let me put it in a more artistic word, it's chaotic, but not the kind of chaotic I'd normally appreciate. The collage of different styles of lighting, special effects etc makes the whole film quite confusing, dare I say. I get it that Gaga always has loads of thoughts put into her videos but then maybe it's a better idea to lengthen the time so it wouldn't feel this... 'squeezed'? (Like what she did with Bad Romance and Born This Way) However I do admit this maybe fits the lyrics and album title better. (Please don't take this in a bad way)

Am I interested in the album, yes for sure but am I really looking forward to it, probably not so much. Of course chances are the rest of the album could be total amazeballs but at least the first single is unfortunately a miss to me.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney S/S 2013/14

I went to Sydney Fashion Festival hosted by Mercedes-Benz at Sydney Town Hall this Friday night with a friend. Had another plan before 8 so I couldn't go to the Trends runway show (the plan got cancelled that day and I was so gutted), nonetheless I still had a good time at the Instyle Red Carpet Runway. Well, sort of.

First let me just flash you some photos, that's what I thought but then I realised my phone's camera sucks, so I hope you won't mind.

Brought my own tote from Lush. A silent protest ;)
Was carrying my expensive Gram sneakers inside haha

Before the show started

Can't remember which show this was from
(and this is what happens when you procrastinate ;b)

You can also find some of the collections online at or MBFF Sydney official website
Also gettyimages has got heaps of photos of the event, click here

Favourite show of the night:


Amazing is the word to describe the line. Very simple colours with minimal embellishment, yes, classic minimalist designs but the cut, the geometric shapes, the drapery. Just oh-so-beautiful made my soul sing (that is if I do have one). The only thing I did't like was that apparently some pieces were already shown in the fashion show four months ago. Maybe this is how the industry works here but I would really appreciate more creations, and in this case, maybe more masterpieces.

Other highlights:

Romance Was Born: Personally it's not my style at all, the colourful fairy sugar-bomb type of things. But I did find the show quite inspiring, I love it when designers are daring enough to express their crazy and wild imaginations.

Jayson Brunsdon: I love the pointy metallic flats! Now I just need to find a dupe, for men.

For the rest of the night, went to the Hub with my friend (and we bumped into the models, so ridiculously gorgerous even up close!) but only for a few minutes because it was way too crowded for me to function properly. Yep, this is me, a fashion fanatic with serious anxiety issues (both claustrophobic and agoraphobic, although my claustrophobia is like, deadly lol), so I guess it just makes perfect sense that I'm also an Internet-addict. lol

Jumbo mug Chai Latte with soy milk
my friend was showing off his two phones in the background
Went to Gloria Jean's (the one next to the George St Event) afterwards and got myself a chai latte with soy milk. I asked for a mug instead of a normal paper cup (because I loathe desposable things lol always try to avoid using those whenever I can) and look at this!! The mug is HUGE! I ordered a reg but god this looks like a size Jumbo! Haha, I hope I don't sound weird being so excited over a huge cup of chai ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you a nice week!

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Kent - Månadens Erbjudande

If you don't have a Spotify account, which you should because it's amazing, here's the track from Youtube

I was shuffling through my kent albums today on my walkman (by the way, am I the only one that still uses a music player device thingy? Seems to me that smartphones have replaced everything for most people) and I found this song from the EP The Hjärta och Smärta (The Heart and Pain). 

If you've never heard of Kent, they are a alternative rock band from Sweden (but they are really popular so I guess that makes them kind of pop as well?). I wouldn't go all the way to write a bio of them here so what I suggest you to do, if you're interested in them that is, is to look up their wikipedia page. (Or maybe I'll do a kent post later?)

I bought their Box 1991-2008 when I went back to Sweden a few years ago, which includes almost all their recorded tracks before Röd (Red). Money well spent. That being said I've never actually listened to the entire set, I really liked Tillbaka till Framtiden (Back to Future) before I bought the set and that's also the disc that I usually go for if I wanted some kent on my way to school. 

Anyway, sorry about  the long and babbling intro, I found this 'hidden' gem today and thought I had to share it with somebody. I really like the whole EP as well, not to mention that the second track, Dom som försvann (Those who disappeared) has always been one of my personal favourites. 

Here's the Lyrics (Translation below)

I en hyrd bil
mellan Essingen och Kransen
Hör jag en melodi
Som säger: Här är sista chansen nu
Jag undrar var du är

Du spyr kritik
Du sätter fingrarna i halsen
Du sa: Varför gör du musik
För alla aporna på Skansen nu
Undrar var du är
Jag har visat var jag står  

Var du än ville gå så följde jag med dig
Jag var tärnan vid ditt släp, din livegna lakej
Var du än ville gå
Jag satte allt på spel
För dig gjorde jag allting fel

Om du var ett krig
Var jag väl terrorbalansen
Vi var musik
För eliten ute på kanten nu
Undrar jag var du är
Jag har visat var jag står

När du går så följer jag med dig
Jag var tärnan vid ditt släp, din livegna lakej
Var du än ville nå
Jag satte allt på spel
För dig gjorde jag allting fel

Var du än ville gå så följde jag med dig
Jag var tärnan vid ditt släp, din livegna lakej
Var du än ville gå
Jag satte allt på spel
För dig gjorde jag allting fel

English Translation:

In a rented car
Between Essingen and Kransen
I hear a melody
Saying: This is the last chance now  
I wonder where you are

You vomit criticism
Putting your fingers down your throat
You said: Why are you making music?
For all the monkeys on Skansen now
I wonder where you are
I've showed you where I stand

Wherever you wanted to go I followed you
I was the maid at your train, your self-suppling footman  
Wherever you wanted to go
I put everything on jeopardy
For you, I did everything wrong

If you were a war I was the balance of terror
We were music
For the elite out on the edge now
I wonder where you are
I've showed you where I stand

When you leave, I follow you
I was the maid at your train, your self-suppling footman
Wherever you wanted to reach
I put everything in a gamble  
For you I did everything wrong

Wherever you wanted to go I followed you
I was the maid at your train, your self-suppling footman
Wherever you wanted to go
I put everything in a gamble  
For you I did everything wrong


Lyrics and Translation from (I would have translated it myself but I'm useless in that compartment. I changed 'I put everything in jeopardy' to 'I put everything in a gamble' though, I've never heard anyone using 'jeopardy' in real life :b)

I think one reason the song stood out for me is that the vocal is quite prominent compared to other songs from Kent. Well, of course the lyrics have to be good so a good vocal wouldn't be wasted.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the song. xx

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Coles Vegie Fix -Mexican Sweet Potato

The Package
I actually really like this stuff, normally I wouldn't pay 6 dollars for a bowl of microwavable pre-prepared meal but once half reduced they suddenly become oh so irresistible to me. So far I've tried the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine and this one, the last one in the range wasn't vegan (plus I hate eggplant). 

I have to be honest, I hate the Tagine one. Why you ask? Because there's zucchini in it. Now there's one thing you've probably already guessed about me and that is I hate all slimy, squashy, glairy however-you-wanna-call-it kind of food, I can't even stand the seed part of cucumbers. So anyway, the tagine one was unbearable to me but if you don't hate zucchini as much as I do you may find it delicious. 

So the Mexican one is my only option left and thank god no squash in this one (or at least I can't taste any). Normally I don't like sweet potato (Yes, I AM really picky in terms of food) but this one actually tastes good! Maybe because the magical spicy sauce camouflages all the distinctive vegie tastes, which I'm sure is not exactly a benchmark for a good dish, but again if I want a decent meal I would be sitting in a nice restaurant instead (and that will cost way more than 3 dollars). Besides, being the huge sucker for Mexican cuisine that I am (even though I can't handle spicy food at all) I do really like this stuff. Perfect for days when I'm too lazy to cook a probably healthier meal (shame that they only have this on sale like literally once in a blue moon). 

And it's quick to make, well I guess that's the whole point of microwave food. 3 mins and a half and tah dah dinner time! 

Plats: Sydney Nya Sydwales, Australien
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