lonesome george

A report from BBC on Lonesome George, the Pinta Island tortoise that died 2 years ago.

I find the interview with local fishermen at the beginning of the clip quite interesting. Illegal fishing has been a huge problem around the world to local ecosystems and biodiversity and I'm all for establishing protected marine reserves and robust laws preventing poaching and overfishing. And personally I despise poachers and illegal fishermen. However this did highlight the conflict between locals who used to rely on such activities and conservationists. How can we smoothly introduce conservationist ideas and laws into local communities with minimum impact on their economy? Ecotourism is usually the way to go but in this case it's also brought negative impact on local ecosystems (maybe not so eco after all).

Share your insights.

For some background information you can check out IGTOA (International Galapagos Tour Operators Association)'s page here

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