je suis charlie aussi

disclaimer: drawing is my own and has nothing to do with anyone associated with PEANUTS
I just had to… 

If I have to make this deeper, we’ll never put down our pens like Charlie Brown never gave up on that football.

If there's one thing I got from this, it's not terror it's not fear, it's the determinedness to keep speaking out, to keep drawing and to keep letting the world hear my voices. 

They can’t silence us.

On the other hand, please do not let those far-right groups use this tragedy for their islamophobic propagandas. I’m sure none of the victims would want to see their death being used to progress any racist movements. Spread love not hate.

ps. I've been really emotional and furious and teary since last night but drawing this has made me feel much more calm and together. Hope it brings some positiviti-ness to you as well (even though I always think positivity is overrated)

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