Hiking Bucketlist: Auyuittuq National Park

Photo Credit: Artur Stanisz  
Photo Credit: Susanna Wikman, Parks Canada
Going to see Wild tonight and it's giving me a huge hiking crave already. Auyuittuq (meaning 'the land that never melts' in local lauguage) National Park lies on Baffin Island and is famous for its mountainous landscape. Many of the peaks on Baffin Island are named after Norse mytho characters and places which I find really fitting with these godly creations. Mt. Thor (seen in first and second photo) looks more like a deity than Chris Hemsworth does if you ask me.

Definitely not a place for winter hikes but I think I can handle a summer adventure through the glaciers and epic peaks, after a good few months' proper training.

Are you a hiker as well? Let me know about your dream adventures.

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