mid-veganuary shout-out

Are you enjoying this cruelty-free january?

To all of you who are trying out veganism this January, how you doing so far? It's past half of the month I hope you don't find it too difficult?

I hope all of you are aware of the amazing resources on Veganuary's website here. For my fellow Sydney and Melbourne folks, have you visited the Cruelty Free Shop yet (they also ship nationwide)? Newtown and Fitzroy are great places to visit but sometimes you can find vegan-friendly kitchens in more 'mainstream' areas (hurray to Lord of the Fries). And a lot of the times you can also ask the chef to remove animal products in your pasta, ask nicely though.

If you would like to meet more plant-powered people or just want to have a good time, come to Sydney Vegan Festival on 22 Mar in Marrickville. For more info and tickets click here

I would love to hear your thoughts if you're doing Veganuary or just generally intersted in veganism. Or questions, I'd try my best to answer.

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