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sydney film fest

Bought a Flexi 10 pass again this year

It's that time of the year again and it's hard as always to pick 10 films out of three hundred millions of great looking films in their program. So as always I just went for instinct and chose the films I was most interested into before even checking the synopsis, because I know that'd only make things harder.

So my SFF this year will be:

Something Must Break

We are the best!

The Reunion

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Abuse of Weakness


Tom at the Farm

My Neighbour Totoro

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

(click the titles for synopsis and tickets)

Typical that I went for almost all the Ghibli films they have to offer (except for Grave of the Fireflies, for obvious reasons)

Check out their full program here

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Vad är vi nu

And a musical discovery last week, Architect by Souldrainer

Purchase the album on iTunes here

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From left to right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Hype is like the king of prints. This season they've come up with heaps of stunning floral print backpacks which I just can't get over with and have to share them with you.

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Animal and Congo

An excellent speech I discovered today through Ourhenhouse on the linkage between animal rights and human rights activism.

Very inspiring and I would recommend this to everybody.

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The Legend of Heroes Ao No Kiseki Evolution Beta
Just completed the trial of Ao no Kiseki Evolution this week and I guess I can give a few insights for those of you who are interested in buying the PSVITA remake.

I kind of miss this art style

The trial runs all the way to just before where the opening movie starts so basically the entire prologue, as usual with all the other Falcom game betas, although I should make it clear that Zero and Ao Evolution's are both developed and produced by Chara-ani and Kadokawa so technically, they are not Falcom productions.

I guess two of the most important selling points of this 'evolution' remake line are higher resolution and full voice casting. Personally I'm not typically keen on resolution and stuff, which I believe is something I share with many Falcom fans, but it is quite refreshing to be able to replay the game on PSVITA's HD-ish screen (I really suck with technical stuff so apologies if it's not HD, but you get what I mean)

And the voice, I guess it can be the most controversial part of this remake. Reason? Kakki changed the voice in the most obvious way and since it's quite consistent throughout the whole prologue I guess it's intentional, I'm not sure whose but there's one thing I'm sure of, Lloyd sounds like a completely different person.

I don't personally dislike Kakki's feminine voice (actually I think it's quite cute) but to change the protagonist's voice in a remake that sells on full-voice, I think it's just amongst the most stupid things I've ever come across. I still can't say that I've quite gotten used to the new voice after the whole prologue but we should see. If the main reason you'd want to buy the remake is Lloyd I'd suggest you to rethink before you click 'order'.

For other characters, most of them are quite consistent with previous productions, Arios sounds less musky, which I'm really gutted about, considering how much I love Morikawa's musky masculine voice (Rai in Lamento, hallelujah)

Re-defined clips
Dudley's name got cut
Also a few details that they could've improved but I'm not sure if they've got time to do so before the release, I guess I'd rather them to focus on debugging at this stage now (those who bought Zero Evolution should definitely understand where I'm coming from). I guess the screen ratio of PSVITA and PSP is slightly different so like Dudley's name got cut off from the edge.
In-game trophies, apparently the trial's trophies don't translate to PSN system
Game clear
And something for those who have Japanese PSN accounts, there will be a small item pack in the actual game for those who've cleared the beta, but you need to keep the beta program and the game data till then. Well, I guess by items it means a couple of potions.

I've impluse ordered the Chara-ani ultimate pack with 2 copies of the game and all the tokuten but I started to regret it straight after I've paid everything. Reason being that I only wanted that pack for the five figures because I thought they were authentic nendoroid but now I look at the sample picture again they look actually kind of dodgy. Maybe I'll sell the other tokutens together with the second game copy.

Has anyone ordered the Ao Evolution yet? Or is everybody else just waiting for Sen II?

To see my review on Sen no Kiseki click here

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#NZRoadtrip Part 2

Morning at Aoraki

Sun, also at Aoraki

'In memory of those who perished in this national park...'

On our way to Milford Sound. The glorious greens

View from the famous Homer Tunnel

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Warning: minor spoiler and major fan bias

Went to see Godzilla last Sunday after the march and let me just say, it was unbelievably GOOD!

Maybe it's because the 1998 one was just too horrible except that cute giant dino and I was so prepared to be disappointed again... It was just so good that I want to kiss the director.

Not that it was a perfect film, on this subject I do have to agree with some negative critics that it certainly did not pass on specially character development. Many characters appear a bit plain or too dull to me, so if you're looking for a nice tailored story with well developed characters you should probably look away.

But really, who watches Godzilla for the human characters? Certainly not me and heaps of Godzilla fans out there. And for those fellow fans out there, I can tell you with confidence that,

The King Is Back.

It's been 8 years since Final Wars and nobody knows if and when Toho is going to make another one. But this film, ladies and gents, I will put it in the Godzilla main filmography, along with the Showa, Heisei and Millenium classics. If you only likes the early Showa Godzilla films you'll probably find this one a bit too tamed or soft-core like late-Showa and Heisei but for everybody else I ensure you that it's definitely something you would not want to miss.

It did change a couple of details like how the radioactive ray looks but nothing too major, especially if you still remembers how traumatising the 1998 one was. I also would prefer it more if Godzilla could get more screen time, which is kind of a shame considering it didn't do that well on character development, could've spent that time on Godzilla instead, but I'm very overjoyed already.

The design of Godzilla also changed a little bit, which I guess is not a big deal for the franchise fans, partly because it's shifted from special effects (特撮, Tokusatsu) to CGI. It looks way more 'hunky' than it has ever been but to me that's just made it even sexier. Yes, that's the right word to use for me. I'm attracted to Godzilla and aliens and giant monsters, more than I'm to human actually. TMI? Well, you're welcome.

Lastly and the most importantly, the reason I love this so much is because it managed to keep the environmentalist soul in the original series, which the 1998 one obviously failed to do. And to me that's the one thing that really makes the franchise stood out for me and that's why I just wanted to cry at the end of the film. I cannot describe how grateful I am that the production team actually captured the core, it's such a difficult thing to do and considering cultural diversion and commercial factors most Westernisation of classic Japanese films always either purposely or not choose to neglect. Out of all the Western remakes I've ever seen, this is for sure the best one.

Anyways, I would highly recommend this to anybody that's either a Godzilla fantaic (like me) or monster film fan or just generally, looking for some entertainment flicks with epic SFX. Heard that it's had an awesome opening week in terms of global box office, and that makes me happy.

misleading trailer I must say

ps. the two Mutos are really cute as well, hope someone can make Godzilla and Muto plushies. 

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Pictures from Sunday's March In May in Sydney. Peaceful and nice as usual, don't just believe what telegraph says. It was kind of short though, I don't know why but the March one definitely felt longer. 

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new in topman

From left to right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Picked a few of my favourites from this week's topman new ins. Loving floral prints at the moment.

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I Never Learn

I Never Learn - Lykke Li
Album and tote from JB HI-FI


Never thought I would be able to buy her album here in Australia (still can't find any music stores that stock kent) so I was really excited when I saw this on pre-order on JB HI-FI. Got the album a couple of days ago (I assume it arrived earlier but someone in the house lost the key to the mailbox) and it's amazing. 

So far loving pretty much all the tracks, especially Heart of Steel, Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone and No Rest For The Wicked (although I've mentioned this track before).

Hear the whole album on Spotify: 

p.s. planning to see Godzilla this Sunday after #MarchInMay. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm kinda afraid that it would piss me off like the 1998 one. I swear I would tweet curses to the whole production team if they kill off Godzilla. 

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#ForFair6 and some thoughts...

Fashion For Fair Sex Tee (Black)
350 sek exkl. shipping
A recent campaign started in Sweden calling for EU to address and stop human trafficking and sex slavery.

I see prostitution as a occupation just as respectful as others and I know that some people are proud of what they're doing (although of course you can argue that they were just acting). However the cold hard fact is people get nasty when money is evolved and the number of women and children trafficked every year to Europe and forced to provide sexual service out of their own will is heartbreaking and infurious.

Therefore, even though I do personally think that asking for a complete ban on prostitution is too agressive, it might be the most efficient way to prevent trafficking from happening. How efficient? I don't know. I don't think those who enslave women and children really abide by the law but at least it could kill off the visible ones.

In an ideal world people would respect each other and sex workers would only do it because they want to. But we're not living in that world. Just like in an ideal world people would respect cattle and chickens and people could keep exotic pets without breaking apart their families and driving the species to extinction.

Maybe you'd think I'm insensitive to compare women and children to cows and tigers but I don't think other animals deserve less respect than we do. The tragedies behind your dairy products or cute cheetah cubs would definitely not be any less inhumane.

Just some thoughts, I think I've rambled enough, should probably wrap it up now.


Back to the topic, please sign the petition here to stop human trafficking and sex slavery

You can also purchase the amazing looking tees here to financially support the project. If your country is not listed in the shipping destinations you can email them to add it to the list.

Also, as I've mentioned above, petitions to ban private exotic pet ownership here. Or you know, just think twice before you decide to get a different pet than anybody else. Think about the dirty trade behind those cute eyes and the bloody tragedy how the cub lost its mum.

For dairy and other farm animal rights, first please support free-range/organic etc products. Here's a pledge to help ban battery hen cages in Australia.

Welcome to share ongoing animal-/human- rights petitions with me.

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The Copper Rack
3500 sek excl. shipping

Found this amazing looking rack on Dry Things. Personally I'd probably prefer a more rusty kind of copper irl but this just completely hits that steampunk fanatic in me. Think it would look great with a monochrome tone room.

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Faux leather Bow Tie pin: Topman / Chocomania Lip Butter: The Body Shop / Kraniche - Bosse / Burberry The Beat for Man

A few of my essential for the cooler months.

Have owned Burberry The Beat since for ages, think I bought my first bottle on a ferry from Hamburg to Copenhagen and I've repurchased it again and again. It's got a very prominent citrus scent, which I'm just crazy about, but the peppery note in it adds a hint of warmth in it and makes it perfect for that transition time between summer and winter.

The album Kraniche from Bosse was one of my last year's favourites and I'm yet to find a more 'autumnal' album than it. It's got a slight melancholy feel but heartwarming at the same time. Perfect to listen to with a cup of coffee in an autumn arvo, or just any occasion really.

Bow ties came back to my wardrobe's top drawer as I start to wear shirts more with the dropping temperature. Personally I prefer traditional bow tie, or those pre-tied ones, only because I find the idea that having a pin needle less than an inch away from my throat is pure terrifying, but I couldn't resist this faux leather one, instantly dresses up an otherwise plain-looking white shirt.

Last but not least, a lip balm. My lips chap all year round but they get even worse as the weather cools down. This chocomania lip butter from the Body Shop is perfect for anyone that needs a bit moisture on their lips without adding any colour, and of course, any body that is addicted to chocolate as it smells just divine.

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Picture credit: @Snoopygrams

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#NZRoadtrip Part 1

Somewhere along the east coast of South Island
The Green Dragon Inn 

Random road side

Fox Glacier

Sunset at Aoraki / Mount Cook

Miss my roadtrip in New Zealand this summer. Such a magical country and I'd love to go back visit it again in the future.

Have to mention that seeing so many glaciers retreating several kilometres from where they used to be a couple of years ago is just heartbreaking, even taking into account that it was austral summer. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to that because of what I'm studying but I think sometimes seeing the actual effect of this anthropogenic climate change is probably more powerful than a list of scientific papers.

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Platic Pollution killed this bird. Picture Credit: Greenpeace Australia

It's always been normal for me to categorise, rinse and recycle rubbish and I've always seen that as a part of my life and what we should do as a citizen of this planet. So when I moved to Sydney a few years ago I was shocked that so many of my neighbours didn't care about what would end up in the landfill. Maybe I've just been really unfortunate and only lived in bad suburbs but I still can't believe how overly simplified the recycling program is here and thinking there are people who can't even follow that just makes me cringe every time. And the fact that there is only one teeny tiny recycling station in the whole Randwick city and only TWO teeny tiny bins there are for uncoloured styrofoam. Just think about how much styrofoam could end up in the open wild poisoning this land and all the other creatures living on it.

I've lived here for almost four years and I've heard and seen a lot about Australian spirit and its nationalism, whether in the form of racism or just pure pride of being an Aussie, but to me, a real Aussie that treasures this amazing country should be someone that doesn't trash this land, and that of course applies to everybody else in the world.

So here it is, Greenpeace Australia has launched a campaign calling for 'Cash for Containers' in NSW. Although it is not directly stopping plastic pollution and wasteful landfill it definitely will encourage more consciousness and recycling and reduce tragedies like the picture above. Please take a few seconds to take action for a more sustainble Aussie way of living.

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Nail polish by STRANGE BEAUTIFUL. Sold exclusively at Saxony 
I never completely come out of that emo-ness that many people had in high school but I have never ever worn nail polish before, strangely enough. However I thought it would be nice to try something new and go some extra darker this winter, with my hair back to its natural blackish brown colour.

Found these ones on Saxony's website and they just look so beautiful and I love how every colour is inspired by certain artworks or nature (you can read the concept on each set's page). Got the package earlier this week but I haven't worn any of these yet as you can see being a nail polish virgin I need some extra preparation work. Although they already look really nice just sitting on my table.

Just one thing I need to point out is they may look really good value for the price but each colour only contains 3ml of product, about a fifth of a normal sized nail polish, which is great for me because I probably won't wear them that much but if you're looking for something else you might want to keep that in mind.

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Last Weekend

Blue Mountains

Stayed at Newhaven Park House in Georges Plain

Chisel and hammer for smashing up the rocks

Russian Circles Gig at Manning Bar in USyd. 

Was on a field trip to Bathurst and Canowindra last weekend for one of my courses and it was quite fun. Always nice to get away from the city and enjoy some fresh air in the country.

Stayed at a quite cozy country house for one night and got to talk to some people in my course. Not sure how people in my course see me because I'm not exactly the social type of person but it's not like I really care about that.

Got to smash up some rocks the second day and I found heaps of really old, 300+ million years old, fish... crap. Literally. Was still quite cool and I was told that I could keep them since nobody needs those for research. Didn't take them at that moment and I kinda regret that now when I think of it. But I think it's still better this way, for me at least. They belong to that place, not my bookshelf.

Canowindra and Bathurst were at freezing 2 degrees and I've only got really thin clothes, which was because I had to take all my luggage with me to USyd the same night I come back to Sydney, for one of my favourtie bands gig. Got off the coach at 9 at Strathfield and the concert started at 8.

Fortunately I didn't miss any of their performance and the gig was AWESOME. Think my ears were completely destroyed after the gig and I was dead tired when I finally got home at 1 but it was so worth it, even though they didn't play my favourite 'Ethel'.

Any Russian Circles fan out there? Anyway have a nice weekend everybody.

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Tigerdrottningen - Kent

The album is finally available on Spotify here in Australia, so addicted to it. 

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What I'm had on me yesterday: Shirt: cotton on / Shoes: Asos / Chino shorts: H&M / Rayban Original Wayfarer 54mm / Jumper: The Ragged Priest / Backpack: Topman

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Eco Autumn

Lust have it ECO box - Autumn 2014
from left to right - Bamboo Angle Brush from The Cosmetic Kitchen, Mineral Mascara from Claytime Australia, Rosemary Body Soap Bar from Appelles, Organic Rosehip Body Wash from Absolutely Gorgeous, 'Pig-In-Mud' Mineral Mask and Brush Applicator from Happy Skincare, Eau de Parfum and Youth Protection Night Cream samples from Acorelle

Got the Autumn ECO box from Lust have it a couple of weeks ago. Forgot to put in the hand cream in the photo but oh well it's not as exciting as the rest of the box.

So far I've tried the face mask and the brow brush. Loving the mask and the applicator brush it came with but not so impressed with the brow brush as it is too fat and not as define as I would like it to be.

Anything caught your interest? You can find more info on their ECO box subscription here.

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