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The Cranes

One of my favourites from the album, glad that they made it into a single and I think the video suits the song perfectly. That heart-warming feel.

If you want a translation, here's a pretty decent one >> Don't forget to click the 'Thanks' button, it's not an easy task to translate lyrics=)

Finished all my exams, now time to choose a summer course and think about next semester's internship (goddamnit why do I have a fuqing 'Research Internship' in my core courses =/), and then my honours.

Stress never leaves my life, huh.

Or maybe I'll leave that to tomorrow, now get myself a cup of tea, do some drawings with some good music in company.

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De 999 saker jag aldrig skulle göra

A quick update. Taking a (hopefully) short break from my assignment that I have to hand in tomorrow by noon.

Have been addicted to this song for a while now, pretty much sums up my thoughts this couple of weeks. Like how it sounds uplifting (maybe?) but the lyrics hits hard in me.

999 by kent
from their latest album Jag är inte rädd för mörkret (I am not afraid of the dark)
(I say latest but it's out last year)

English Translation of the lyrics here (looks a bit dodgy but I stinks in translating anything so sorry)

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