Not gonna lie, there have been better years. I did accomplish or at least started many things that I'm proud of, but shit still happens. Not just to me, to people that are dear to me, to people that I respect, to people that I don't know, to societies that shouldn't tolerate nazism or sexism, to the millions of animals out there that deserved much better lives, to the environment that continues to be exploited.

People keep telling me to be positive, but unfortunately that doesn't run in my blood.

But that's okay, just because I'm not optimistic doesn't mean that I've given up hope. I hope 2015 will be a better year for all of us. I hope there will be some positive outcomes from COP21 at Paris. I hope more people will realise that hatred or violence is not a solution.  I hope there will be less people hunting for fun. I hope more animals will regain their freedom. I hope whaling will stop. I hope China will abolish its animal testing policy. I hope people around the world can be treated equally regardless of their race or sex or gender or sexual orientation or romantic orientation. I hope less animals will be abandoned by their human families. I hope less animals will be killed for the sake of fashion or novelty. I hope...

Hello 2015. Happy New Year to you all. Gott Nytt År, あけおめ

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