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a frenzy that is called Wang

Clockwise: Key ring / Beanie / Jeans / Towel set / Gloves from #AlexanderWangXHM

A better view
Couldn't fit the bigger towel and the courtesy drawstring bag in the frame but yeh this is all I managed to grab in the crazy frenzy yesterday. Quite a luck with the jeans actually, went back to H&M after lunch with my friend for some regular basics but came across this lone pair of jeans on a rack with a couple of the leather pants. Reckon someone was trying them out in the fitting room during the bloodbath at 10.30 when the leftovers of the women's collection was open to public (after having multiple people stomping on my feet I decided to quit and chat to the staff instead lol). Anyway, this pair is exactly my size, well, a little tight must admit but I can for sure stop eating for clothes. It's almost like fate. 100 AUD is a bit steep for H&M jeans though, hope they last better than my other ones.

On the price tag note, did a quick search on ebay earlier (and quickly gave up my hope on finding that dreamy grey scuba sweater in a reasonable price) and came upon a listing of the same beanie in a whooping 400 USD. Speechless. And people are actually bidding on it. Mind-blown. Seriously, you can get 2 beanies from Wang's own line with that price.

Did you manage to buy what you want? Ok on second thought, don't tell me. Saw someone wearing that sweater already after the massacre and the only thought I had in mind was to kill him in the nuts, take that sweater off and run. Shopaholics are scary I guess.

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Cate to Gough Whitlam

Just have to share this. Kudos to Cate for such a brilliant speech and this so deserves to go viral.


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- match

Left Here / Right Here

I'm really falling in love with matching tops and bottoms, just find them so easy to wear yet incredibly neat and stylish. These two sets from 3crnrs are a bolder take on the matching game and are perfect to amp up your everyday outfit. Can either pair them with trainers for an authentic streetwear style or some dressier shoes and a black clutch/portfolio for a grown-up sports-luxe look.

Plus! These two sets are on a crazy sale on at the moment, reduced from £60+ to £17 for a complete look, bargain alert! They only have a few sizes left so be quick if they tickle your fancy.

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Time to divest for a better future

Picture when I was at the Sydney People's March for Climate Action a few weeks ago

Another picture when I was at the divestment day gathering at Sydney square next to town hall
Currently going through a divestment process, that is, switching my bank from ANZ to Bendigo. Can't wait to finalise the transition and be able to feel clean knowing that none of my money is going to fund fossil fuel projects.

Market forces has been incredibly helpful and they've got a guidebook Here which I highly recommend reading. They and the lovely people at Bendigo have made this decision even easier than I thought it would be and I just simply can't believe I haven't done it earlier.

If we want a change, we have to be the change. It may not be a substantial amount of money that would alarm the banks but once we've built up the momentum, we can have more people and more funds divesting from this industry and eventually change our future.

I guess now you can all see why I suck at public speaking ;) but all in all, power to the people!

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One more week...

Some of my favos from the collection (I did not just grabbed every single thing off the website I swear ;)
This Alexander Wang for H&M collection has certainly generated a lot of hype, as all past H&M collaborations did, but it so deserves it. Apart from the down jackets (even though H&M claims that their animal products are collected in humane ways) and leather garments, I'm falling very desperately in love with all the other pieces. Have been loving this sports luxe trend for quite a long time now and neoprene, aka scuba, is most certainly taking the throne of 'Fabric of the year' in my heart. Plus all in black and grey? Yes gimme 'em all please.

Will definitely be heading to Sydney H&M next Thursday morning for these beauts. Hooray to the long-waited Sydney store!

What do you think of this collection? You can now see all the pieces on H&M's website Here

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