Nail polish by STRANGE BEAUTIFUL. Sold exclusively at Saxony 
I never completely come out of that emo-ness that many people had in high school but I have never ever worn nail polish before, strangely enough. However I thought it would be nice to try something new and go some extra darker this winter, with my hair back to its natural blackish brown colour.

Found these ones on Saxony's website and they just look so beautiful and I love how every colour is inspired by certain artworks or nature (you can read the concept on each set's page). Got the package earlier this week but I haven't worn any of these yet as you can see being a nail polish virgin I need some extra preparation work. Although they already look really nice just sitting on my table.

Just one thing I need to point out is they may look really good value for the price but each colour only contains 3ml of product, about a fifth of a normal sized nail polish, which is great for me because I probably won't wear them that much but if you're looking for something else you might want to keep that in mind.

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