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A recent campaign started in Sweden calling for EU to address and stop human trafficking and sex slavery.

I see prostitution as a occupation just as respectful as others and I know that some people are proud of what they're doing (although of course you can argue that they were just acting). However the cold hard fact is people get nasty when money is evolved and the number of women and children trafficked every year to Europe and forced to provide sexual service out of their own will is heartbreaking and infurious.

Therefore, even though I do personally think that asking for a complete ban on prostitution is too agressive, it might be the most efficient way to prevent trafficking from happening. How efficient? I don't know. I don't think those who enslave women and children really abide by the law but at least it could kill off the visible ones.

In an ideal world people would respect each other and sex workers would only do it because they want to. But we're not living in that world. Just like in an ideal world people would respect cattle and chickens and people could keep exotic pets without breaking apart their families and driving the species to extinction.

Maybe you'd think I'm insensitive to compare women and children to cows and tigers but I don't think other animals deserve less respect than we do. The tragedies behind your dairy products or cute cheetah cubs would definitely not be any less inhumane.

Just some thoughts, I think I've rambled enough, should probably wrap it up now.


Back to the topic, please sign the petition here to stop human trafficking and sex slavery

You can also purchase the amazing looking tees here to financially support the project. If your country is not listed in the shipping destinations you can email them to add it to the list.

Also, as I've mentioned above, petitions to ban private exotic pet ownership here. Or you know, just think twice before you decide to get a different pet than anybody else. Think about the dirty trade behind those cute eyes and the bloody tragedy how the cub lost its mum.

For dairy and other farm animal rights, first please support free-range/organic etc products. Here's a pledge to help ban battery hen cages in Australia.

Welcome to share ongoing animal-/human- rights petitions with me.

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