I Never Learn

I Never Learn - Lykke Li
Album and tote from JB HI-FI


Never thought I would be able to buy her album here in Australia (still can't find any music stores that stock kent) so I was really excited when I saw this on pre-order on JB HI-FI. Got the album a couple of days ago (I assume it arrived earlier but someone in the house lost the key to the mailbox) and it's amazing. 

So far loving pretty much all the tracks, especially Heart of Steel, Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone and No Rest For The Wicked (although I've mentioned this track before).

Hear the whole album on Spotify: 

p.s. planning to see Godzilla this Sunday after #MarchInMay. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm kinda afraid that it would piss me off like the 1998 one. I swear I would tweet curses to the whole production team if they kill off Godzilla. 

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