Last Weekend

Blue Mountains

Stayed at Newhaven Park House in Georges Plain

Chisel and hammer for smashing up the rocks

Russian Circles Gig at Manning Bar in USyd. 

Was on a field trip to Bathurst and Canowindra last weekend for one of my courses and it was quite fun. Always nice to get away from the city and enjoy some fresh air in the country.

Stayed at a quite cozy country house for one night and got to talk to some people in my course. Not sure how people in my course see me because I'm not exactly the social type of person but it's not like I really care about that.

Got to smash up some rocks the second day and I found heaps of really old, 300+ million years old, fish... crap. Literally. Was still quite cool and I was told that I could keep them since nobody needs those for research. Didn't take them at that moment and I kinda regret that now when I think of it. But I think it's still better this way, for me at least. They belong to that place, not my bookshelf.

Canowindra and Bathurst were at freezing 2 degrees and I've only got really thin clothes, which was because I had to take all my luggage with me to USyd the same night I come back to Sydney, for one of my favourtie bands gig. Got off the coach at 9 at Strathfield and the concert started at 8.

Fortunately I didn't miss any of their performance and the gig was AWESOME. Think my ears were completely destroyed after the gig and I was dead tired when I finally got home at 1 but it was so worth it, even though they didn't play my favourite 'Ethel'.

Any Russian Circles fan out there? Anyway have a nice weekend everybody.

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