Platic Pollution killed this bird. Picture Credit: Greenpeace Australia

It's always been normal for me to categorise, rinse and recycle rubbish and I've always seen that as a part of my life and what we should do as a citizen of this planet. So when I moved to Sydney a few years ago I was shocked that so many of my neighbours didn't care about what would end up in the landfill. Maybe I've just been really unfortunate and only lived in bad suburbs but I still can't believe how overly simplified the recycling program is here and thinking there are people who can't even follow that just makes me cringe every time. And the fact that there is only one teeny tiny recycling station in the whole Randwick city and only TWO teeny tiny bins there are for uncoloured styrofoam. Just think about how much styrofoam could end up in the open wild poisoning this land and all the other creatures living on it.

I've lived here for almost four years and I've heard and seen a lot about Australian spirit and its nationalism, whether in the form of racism or just pure pride of being an Aussie, but to me, a real Aussie that treasures this amazing country should be someone that doesn't trash this land, and that of course applies to everybody else in the world.

So here it is, Greenpeace Australia has launched a campaign calling for 'Cash for Containers' in NSW. Although it is not directly stopping plastic pollution and wasteful landfill it definitely will encourage more consciousness and recycling and reduce tragedies like the picture above. Please take a few seconds to take action for a more sustainble Aussie way of living.

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