Warning: minor spoiler and major fan bias

Went to see Godzilla last Sunday after the march and let me just say, it was unbelievably GOOD!

Maybe it's because the 1998 one was just too horrible except that cute giant dino and I was so prepared to be disappointed again... It was just so good that I want to kiss the director.

Not that it was a perfect film, on this subject I do have to agree with some negative critics that it certainly did not pass on specially character development. Many characters appear a bit plain or too dull to me, so if you're looking for a nice tailored story with well developed characters you should probably look away.

But really, who watches Godzilla for the human characters? Certainly not me and heaps of Godzilla fans out there. And for those fellow fans out there, I can tell you with confidence that,

The King Is Back.

It's been 8 years since Final Wars and nobody knows if and when Toho is going to make another one. But this film, ladies and gents, I will put it in the Godzilla main filmography, along with the Showa, Heisei and Millenium classics. If you only likes the early Showa Godzilla films you'll probably find this one a bit too tamed or soft-core like late-Showa and Heisei but for everybody else I ensure you that it's definitely something you would not want to miss.

It did change a couple of details like how the radioactive ray looks but nothing too major, especially if you still remembers how traumatising the 1998 one was. I also would prefer it more if Godzilla could get more screen time, which is kind of a shame considering it didn't do that well on character development, could've spent that time on Godzilla instead, but I'm very overjoyed already.

The design of Godzilla also changed a little bit, which I guess is not a big deal for the franchise fans, partly because it's shifted from special effects (特撮, Tokusatsu) to CGI. It looks way more 'hunky' than it has ever been but to me that's just made it even sexier. Yes, that's the right word to use for me. I'm attracted to Godzilla and aliens and giant monsters, more than I'm to human actually. TMI? Well, you're welcome.

Lastly and the most importantly, the reason I love this so much is because it managed to keep the environmentalist soul in the original series, which the 1998 one obviously failed to do. And to me that's the one thing that really makes the franchise stood out for me and that's why I just wanted to cry at the end of the film. I cannot describe how grateful I am that the production team actually captured the core, it's such a difficult thing to do and considering cultural diversion and commercial factors most Westernisation of classic Japanese films always either purposely or not choose to neglect. Out of all the Western remakes I've ever seen, this is for sure the best one.

Anyways, I would highly recommend this to anybody that's either a Godzilla fantaic (like me) or monster film fan or just generally, looking for some entertainment flicks with epic SFX. Heard that it's had an awesome opening week in terms of global box office, and that makes me happy.

misleading trailer I must say

ps. the two Mutos are really cute as well, hope someone can make Godzilla and Muto plushies. 

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