Faux leather Bow Tie pin: Topman / Chocomania Lip Butter: The Body Shop / Kraniche - Bosse / Burberry The Beat for Man

A few of my essential for the cooler months.

Have owned Burberry The Beat since for ages, think I bought my first bottle on a ferry from Hamburg to Copenhagen and I've repurchased it again and again. It's got a very prominent citrus scent, which I'm just crazy about, but the peppery note in it adds a hint of warmth in it and makes it perfect for that transition time between summer and winter.

The album Kraniche from Bosse was one of my last year's favourites and I'm yet to find a more 'autumnal' album than it. It's got a slight melancholy feel but heartwarming at the same time. Perfect to listen to with a cup of coffee in an autumn arvo, or just any occasion really.

Bow ties came back to my wardrobe's top drawer as I start to wear shirts more with the dropping temperature. Personally I prefer traditional bow tie, or those pre-tied ones, only because I find the idea that having a pin needle less than an inch away from my throat is pure terrifying, but I couldn't resist this faux leather one, instantly dresses up an otherwise plain-looking white shirt.

Last but not least, a lip balm. My lips chap all year round but they get even worse as the weather cools down. This chocomania lip butter from the Body Shop is perfect for anyone that needs a bit moisture on their lips without adding any colour, and of course, any body that is addicted to chocolate as it smells just divine.

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