Wear It Purple Day - It gets better

Today is Wear It Purple day, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Wear It Purple day is basically a day when people wear purple garments to show support to the LGBTQIA young people (and disgust to homophobia) in Australia (or maybe just Sydney? but well of course you can do it wherever you are :) More info here

wore my purple snake print jeans today, yiiips

So gutted I missed the flash mob today. Was planning to join the team but my horrid assignments were due today so I had to say no to fun.

Anyway, if you're dealing with bullying, discrimination etc for being who you are, don't lose hope. I know people keep saying this over and over again but life does get better. It probably won't be as fancy as the reality show celebs' but you'll find more and more things in your life that you can smile to and less and less craps that you have to fight against. xxoo

[Last note, went to UNSW Orchestra's Mid Semester Concert tonight. Quite enjoyed Brahms' Symphony No.1 movement I and IV. Very impressive performance given the fact that most of them are still uni students. Good job boys & girls.]

Have a nice weekend!

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