Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney S/S 2013/14

I went to Sydney Fashion Festival hosted by Mercedes-Benz at Sydney Town Hall this Friday night with a friend. Had another plan before 8 so I couldn't go to the Trends runway show (the plan got cancelled that day and I was so gutted), nonetheless I still had a good time at the Instyle Red Carpet Runway. Well, sort of.

First let me just flash you some photos, that's what I thought but then I realised my phone's camera sucks, so I hope you won't mind.

Brought my own tote from Lush. A silent protest ;)
Was carrying my expensive Gram sneakers inside haha

Before the show started

Can't remember which show this was from
(and this is what happens when you procrastinate ;b)

You can also find some of the collections online at or MBFF Sydney official website
Also gettyimages has got heaps of photos of the event, click here

Favourite show of the night:


Amazing is the word to describe the line. Very simple colours with minimal embellishment, yes, classic minimalist designs but the cut, the geometric shapes, the drapery. Just oh-so-beautiful made my soul sing (that is if I do have one). The only thing I did't like was that apparently some pieces were already shown in the fashion show four months ago. Maybe this is how the industry works here but I would really appreciate more creations, and in this case, maybe more masterpieces.

Other highlights:

Romance Was Born: Personally it's not my style at all, the colourful fairy sugar-bomb type of things. But I did find the show quite inspiring, I love it when designers are daring enough to express their crazy and wild imaginations.

Jayson Brunsdon: I love the pointy metallic flats! Now I just need to find a dupe, for men.

For the rest of the night, went to the Hub with my friend (and we bumped into the models, so ridiculously gorgerous even up close!) but only for a few minutes because it was way too crowded for me to function properly. Yep, this is me, a fashion fanatic with serious anxiety issues (both claustrophobic and agoraphobic, although my claustrophobia is like, deadly lol), so I guess it just makes perfect sense that I'm also an Internet-addict. lol

Jumbo mug Chai Latte with soy milk
my friend was showing off his two phones in the background
Went to Gloria Jean's (the one next to the George St Event) afterwards and got myself a chai latte with soy milk. I asked for a mug instead of a normal paper cup (because I loathe desposable things lol always try to avoid using those whenever I can) and look at this!! The mug is HUGE! I ordered a reg but god this looks like a size Jumbo! Haha, I hope I don't sound weird being so excited over a huge cup of chai ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you a nice week!

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