Dolphin, Taiji

Spent two nights on this, think it looks quite alright

Help stop the dolphin massacre in Taiji, Japan

Please feel free to share the image if you would like to. It would be nice to cite me but it's not necessary as long as you keep the right message. Also if you speaks Japanese please feel free to change the slogan to Japanese and share it among your friends, followers etc (contact me for a slogan-free version).

 What we can do 

 1. Stop visiting marine parks or any facility with captured dolphins. The most effective thing we can do as non-Japanese is to cut down the driving force.

 2. Write to Japan's PM, tell him about your concern and it's time for its government to realise that whaling and slaughtering dolphins is only ruining its reputation

 3. There are loads of petitions that you can find online, simply google 'dolphin taiji petition', here's one for example:

 4. Raise the awareness. It's always good to spread the word but if you can make your voice heard by Japanese people (your friends, your twitter followers, Japanese SNS etc) it would be even better because they are the ones who can stop this. And most importantly don't be a racist, most Japanese people are very friendly and kind to animals. The slaughter is not a simple consequence of their tradition, most of the funding driving the massacre comes from the western world. So don't be rude and aggressive, blaming a country that you don't know much about doesn't make you clean.

Pray for the dolphins.

Sorry if my drawing is too much for you. It's my style. And if you can come up with a better slogan please let me know, I'm useless with words.

And please let me know if for whatever reason you want the original sized with/without slogan.

And some slightly more personal notes:

Yesterday at my environmental change class we talked about some geo-archeology stuff, the gigantic animals that used to live on this same land as I now stand on a long time ago. Then suddenly I had a mild anxiety attack, I started to think about death and then my body couldn't stop trembling and sweating. I felt so bad that I couldn't hear a single word from our tutor. It took me quite a long time to gather myself (breathing exercise, if you wonder how).

And then when I'm back home, I thought about the attack. It was weird I shouldn't be that afraid of death, as some that has done things I'm ashamed to tell. But the thing is the thought of it can sometimes strike me so hard. Then I thought about the dolphins, the orcas, the millions of lives we slaughtered in the name of our greed. So intelligent and emotional these cetaceans are, how do they feel when they're surrounded by whaling ships and welcomed by brutal death? I can somehow feel that desperate fear and all the negative and eruptive emotions. So then I couldn't help to draw this.

The same fear to death that we share, I only wish that more people can realise that these animals are not here for our entertainment or wealth, they have their own lives, in the wild, undisturbed.

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