Applause - Lady Gaga

Maybe it's a bit pointless to review this song now that everybody has heard it already, but määh anyway.

I'm not really impressed with the song to be honest. Catchy, yes absolutely so if that's what you want I think you'd like it. But yah I would love to dance to this song in a club but when I have my walkman or Spotify on I'd prefer something not just stays in my mind but something that can dig into it, if that ever makes sense. I do like the lyrics though, I'd believe it's a special track for herself. Personally I find the remixes she put on her vevo channel more intriguing, and interesting.

The video, yeah I like it, but not as much as some of her previous ones. It's not well structured, or let me put it in a more artistic word, it's chaotic, but not the kind of chaotic I'd normally appreciate. The collage of different styles of lighting, special effects etc makes the whole film quite confusing, dare I say. I get it that Gaga always has loads of thoughts put into her videos but then maybe it's a better idea to lengthen the time so it wouldn't feel this... 'squeezed'? (Like what she did with Bad Romance and Born This Way) However I do admit this maybe fits the lyrics and album title better. (Please don't take this in a bad way)

Am I interested in the album, yes for sure but am I really looking forward to it, probably not so much. Of course chances are the rest of the album could be total amazeballs but at least the first single is unfortunately a miss to me.

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