Coles Vegie Fix -Mexican Sweet Potato

The Package
I actually really like this stuff, normally I wouldn't pay 6 dollars for a bowl of microwavable pre-prepared meal but once half reduced they suddenly become oh so irresistible to me. So far I've tried the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine and this one, the last one in the range wasn't vegan (plus I hate eggplant). 

I have to be honest, I hate the Tagine one. Why you ask? Because there's zucchini in it. Now there's one thing you've probably already guessed about me and that is I hate all slimy, squashy, glairy however-you-wanna-call-it kind of food, I can't even stand the seed part of cucumbers. So anyway, the tagine one was unbearable to me but if you don't hate zucchini as much as I do you may find it delicious. 

So the Mexican one is my only option left and thank god no squash in this one (or at least I can't taste any). Normally I don't like sweet potato (Yes, I AM really picky in terms of food) but this one actually tastes good! Maybe because the magical spicy sauce camouflages all the distinctive vegie tastes, which I'm sure is not exactly a benchmark for a good dish, but again if I want a decent meal I would be sitting in a nice restaurant instead (and that will cost way more than 3 dollars). Besides, being the huge sucker for Mexican cuisine that I am (even though I can't handle spicy food at all) I do really like this stuff. Perfect for days when I'm too lazy to cook a probably healthier meal (shame that they only have this on sale like literally once in a blue moon). 

And it's quick to make, well I guess that's the whole point of microwave food. 3 mins and a half and tah dah dinner time! 

Plats: Sydney Nya Sydwales, Australien
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