Time to divest for a better future

Picture when I was at the Sydney People's March for Climate Action a few weeks ago

Another picture when I was at the divestment day gathering at Sydney square next to town hall
Currently going through a divestment process, that is, switching my bank from ANZ to Bendigo. Can't wait to finalise the transition and be able to feel clean knowing that none of my money is going to fund fossil fuel projects.

Market forces has been incredibly helpful and they've got a guidebook Here which I highly recommend reading. They and the lovely people at Bendigo have made this decision even easier than I thought it would be and I just simply can't believe I haven't done it earlier.

If we want a change, we have to be the change. It may not be a substantial amount of money that would alarm the banks but once we've built up the momentum, we can have more people and more funds divesting from this industry and eventually change our future.

I guess now you can all see why I suck at public speaking ;) but all in all, power to the people!

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