a frenzy that is called Wang

Clockwise: Key ring / Beanie / Jeans / Towel set / Gloves from #AlexanderWangXHM

A better view
Couldn't fit the bigger towel and the courtesy drawstring bag in the frame but yeh this is all I managed to grab in the crazy frenzy yesterday. Quite a luck with the jeans actually, went back to H&M after lunch with my friend for some regular basics but came across this lone pair of jeans on a rack with a couple of the leather pants. Reckon someone was trying them out in the fitting room during the bloodbath at 10.30 when the leftovers of the women's collection was open to public (after having multiple people stomping on my feet I decided to quit and chat to the staff instead lol). Anyway, this pair is exactly my size, well, a little tight must admit but I can for sure stop eating for clothes. It's almost like fate. 100 AUD is a bit steep for H&M jeans though, hope they last better than my other ones.

On the price tag note, did a quick search on ebay earlier (and quickly gave up my hope on finding that dreamy grey scuba sweater in a reasonable price) and came upon a listing of the same beanie in a whooping 400 USD. Speechless. And people are actually bidding on it. Mind-blown. Seriously, you can get 2 beanies from Wang's own line with that price.

Did you manage to buy what you want? Ok on second thought, don't tell me. Saw someone wearing that sweater already after the massacre and the only thought I had in mind was to kill him in the nuts, take that sweater off and run. Shopaholics are scary I guess.

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