Känn ingen sorg / Shed No Tears

Such an unexpected flick, thought it'd be another highschoolmusicalkindof musical comedy (because of the poster) but the story actually develops into a sorrowful tragedy (hence the title I guess). It's still got a positive message, which I don't like (I know, such a killjoy), but it managed to get rid of most of the cheesi-ness that positivity usually brings and weaves it into a sea of regret, loss, confusion and heartbreaks. Can see how it got so many Guldbaggen nominations.

It's a film built on Håkan Hellström's songs, would be a lot more fun to watch if you're a fan of his. But I'm sure that everyone can enjoy this film even if you haven't heard of him before (which I reckon is the case for most non-Swedish speaking folks)

Also kudos to the film crew for making Göteborg looking this charming.

I'm not sure if there's English sub available now but fingers crossed for you guys.

Rating: 7.5/10

Känn ingen sorg för mig


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