Can we just all take a moment and appreciate how perfect this cover is?
Got this album just yesterday and had a quick play through the whole cd this morning. Can already say that I love this so much more than the last one. Love it when she does something different (she did try Trance on a studio album long before, LOVEppears, but it's always nice to see her going off the usual pop track again) Favvo tracks so far: Terminal and NOW & 4EVA. Terminal, produced by the talented Armin van Burren (actually I think most of the album is produced by Western musicians), is just beautiful. Fingers crossed that they'll realease a single, or at least a remix. NOW & 4EVA, contrary to its cheesy title, is a typical ayu rock-y song. A safe choice, maybe a bit boring but you know what? She can do it because she does it well.

You can get the digital copy at iTunes Here or a hard copy at mumo official webshop Here (via Tenso)

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