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New Jacket by Notion 1.3 from Nelly Here

Got my package from Nelly last night with this beautiful jacket in. I own quite a few faux leather jackets but none of them has this asymmetric collar, which I actually really like, so when I saw this one on half price I just couldn't control myself.

The material is quite special, feels to me like a cross between normal leather jacket and a wetsuit, which is quite special and I love the way it looks and feels. The only problem I have with this so far is that it comes quite big for me. I got a size S, which is the smallest one they make and it's still got an oversized look on me, which is not exactly what you'd expect from a biker jacket. Although to be fair I am exceptionally small (170 cm/5 ft 7, standard/slim build) so if you're of average size or bigger there shouldn't be a fitting problem for you. 

As for me I'm actually quite happy to have a slightly oversized leather jacket and it is perfect to rock that over-the-shoulder look. 

It's still on sale at Nelly now if you're interested.

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