Saw a bloger's post today on his swimming with captive dolphins in some dolphin-themed park and it broke my heart.

Slavery does still exist today but some of us just don't see it. I had the chance to swim with wild dolphins in Kaikoura in New Zealand earilier this year and that experience was just magical. Sure it was cool to be able to get that close to a dolphin but the best part? It was knowing that they were all free and happy and they could swim to wherever they want. When they flipped out of the water and did amazing and hilarious flips, I knew that they weren't doing it so they could get a meal, they were doing it because they wanted to. 'What a bunch of attention whores,' that's what I said to my friends, with literally tears in my eyes.

Please don't support this sickening industry that makes money on the suffering of other lives, not to mention that dophin captivity is also one of the main drivers of the inhumane Taiji dolphin slaughter.

For more info, please visit related animal rights group websites.

What's wrong with swimming with dolphins? | WSPA

Plight of the captive dolphins | WSPA

Delfinarier – en delfins mardröm |WSPA (Swedish)

Releasing Captive Dolphins | Save Japan Dolphins

And please join the fight to end this cruel practice

First by not supporting facilities that keep captive dolphins on display for commercial purposes.

Then you are more than welcome to make your voice heard by signing petitions or contacting your local MPs (Riksdagledamöter om du är svensk) or Senators on this matter.

Captivity is cruel - don't go to a show! | The Petition Site

No More Dolphins Swimming in Las Vegas |

Please call a public referendum regarding the addition of more captive cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium! |

Ask Sea World to release their Orcas and dolphins to ocean sanctuaries | 

Kolmården - sluta hålla delfiner i fångenskap! | Djurens Rätt (Swedish)


and heaps more ...

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