Återträffen / The Reunion

Sydney Film Festival Day 3

As expected from Anna Odell, provocative and thought-provoking.

Keyword: Bullying, Documentary, Art, Stockholm, School Hierarchy

I won't say too much on this but I definitely highly recommend this to everyone. To everybody that's been bullied, isolated and hurt during school, to everybody that has bullied, isolated and hurt and to everybody that has seen people being bullied, isolated and hurt and done nothing. It doesn't necessarily make you cry or laugh or moved or any of those emotional climax that for whatever reason one may expect from a good movie but it makes you think, which I think could be much more important.

To me it's more of an art/social project than a film, which any of my friends would know I love.

 As a film per se, 7-7.5/10
 As an art project, 8.5/10

Can definitely see why it won guldbaggen

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